DS Homebrew – RushHour DS Carpool Edition

Rush Hour  - Image 1TomServo’s spruced up another version for the DS homebrew game RushHour DS. With this release, you won’t have to worry about losing your progress after saving, and can now even share the game to more people without having to sacrifice your own.

Download: RushHour DS Carpool Edition

Not the actual RushHour DS screenshot - Image 1TomServo’s released a “next generation” version RushHour DS, titled as the Carpool Edition. If you’ll remember, Groquick adapted the Rush Hour boardgame for the DS back in 2005.

While that version was “beautiful in simplicity, and worked flawlessly,” as TomServo would put it, it does not allow the game to save progress date to slot 1passthrough/flashcards for the DS Lite.

TomServo, who was really interested in it, picked up the development and thus his versions of RushHour DS were born: the Express Commute Edition and the Construction Zone.

Having done away with that quick history lesson, let’s move on to what matters most at this moment: the Carpool Edition. This one not only has the ability to save game progress, it also has the ability to save the progress of multiple games.

That’s right, now you can share the game with the rest of your family and friends without having the fear of losing your own saved game. Also, from what TomServo can determine, this version works perfectly well with the DS Lite with an M3DS-Simply slot-1 device. It does, however, remain untested on any other DS/flash card combination. So if you do encounter some issues, then feel free to contact him about it.

Download: RushHour DS Carpool Edition

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