DS homebrew: Stones and Rabbit

DS homebrew - Image 1Sneak your way into the burrows and grab those carrots! Play as the cunning rabbit and maneuver your way through stones and worms so your always-hungry bunny can get some carrot snacks. Light, easy, colorful game, usable when killing time outdoors.

Download: Stones & Rabbit

Stones & Rabbit - Image 1

In the spirit of the legendary Boulder Dash comes Stones & Rabbit. Play as the rabbit and maneuver your way around the burrows to get your hands on his favorite snack. This is just a demo, it has 5 levels, but a lot of other elements are present, including a short cinematic intro and outro.

If you’re into those little knick-knacks from the NES, then maybe you’d like to give this thing a shot. It’s not a complete pushover game, but it’s no Prinny either. Let’s just say it requires a small amount of brain activity.

Download: Stones & Rabbit

Via Dev-fr

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