DS Homebrew – Woopsi v0.36: now with dedicated WoopsiUI namespace

Nintendo DS - Image 1Woopsi v0.36 is out for the DS. This release should get things tidied up a bit more as, according to developer ant152, this is the move from the standard namespace to a dedicated “WoopsiUI” namespace. More details and changelog after the jump.

Download: Woopsi v0.36

Woopsi v0.36 - Image 1ant152 has released his latest version of the GUI Development library, Woopsi v0.36. In case you’re not familiar, this is actually an AmigaOS system-based homebrew that should help coders create their own user interfaces for their own homebrew projects.

V0.36 should keep things tidier as it “moves from the standard namespace to a dedicated ‘WoopsiUI’ namespace.” You will, however, also have to invest some that refactoring any of the codes you’ve written with Woopsi.

Here is the changelog:

  • WoopsiUI namespace for all classes
  • MultiLineTextBox improvements and fixes, including the majority of cursor support
  • New date handling class and calendar gadget
  • Bitmap class with a variety of drawing routines separated out from the SuperBitmap
  • More examples
  • Bugfixes and optimisations

Download: Woopsi v0.36

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