DS-DOS v0.21: MS-DOS-flavored file browser, now on v0.41 *UPDATE*

Command Prompt - Image 1Who doesn’t want to go back to memory lane from time to time? Remember the days when floppy disks (of the real, floppy kind) were the norm and everybody knew the usefulness of typing “cls” in a black screen? Let’s indulge in the old days with wolped‘s DS-DOS, an MS-DOS clone file browser.

*UPDATE* Developer wolped has updated DS-DOS with an new function: “copying/moving/deleting/renaming files on a secondary device.”

Download: DS-DOS v0.41

ds-dos - Image 1Yes, it’s another operating system emulator and this time it’s a DOS emulator for the Nintendo DS. Created as a NEO Compo 2008 entry by wolped, DS-DOS is an MS-DOS clone that serves as a file browser for the DS. Like the operating system that it was based on, DS-DOS will let users view, copy, move, delete, and rename files with the appropriate DOS commands, as enumerated below:

  • date displays the date
  • time displays the time
  • cls clears the screen
  • help displays help
  • ver displays DS-DOS version
  • del allows deleting of files copy allows copying of files
  • move allows moving of files
  • ren allows renaming of files
  • dir displays a list of files and directories in current directory
  • cd change the current directory
  • lock locks the filesystem, preventing use of del/copy/move/ren
  • ulok unlocks the filesystem allowing use of del/copy/move/ren

DS-DOS can also boot .nds files, which can be done by typing the filename. If the .nds file is placed in a folder, you need to type in the entire path (foldermyndsfile.nds) unless it’s placed in the current active folder. There’s a caveat, however: commands longer than five characters have the tendency to “break” certain commands. When this happens, simply restart DS-DOS.

To make use of this application, simply download the application from the link below. Make sure to check out the readme before installation. Enjoy!

*UPDATE* Nintendo DS homebrew developer wolped tweaked a bit with the entry DS-DOS, upping the version numbers to 0.41. The lone change? He added “Ability to copy files between cards.” wolped added that the new function will allow “Copying/Moving/Deleting/Renaming on a secondary device.” Check out the download below.

Download: DS-DOS v0.41

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