DSi sells over 500,000 units in Japan

DSi - Image 1The DSi is selling like hotcakes, well, that’s if hotcakes ever sold 500,000 in a month. Well, I bet they do. Lol. At any rate, Nintendo’s newest baby is growing up to be a fine, young platform. Details in the full article.

DSi - Image 1

It’s doing well, ain’t it? The Japanese seem to like Nintendo’s new handheld, and now thousands of them are the proud owners of the DSi – 535,379 to be exact, according to Enterbrain.

With the success of the DSi, the DS as a platform has now amassed 24,239,590 units sold. This figure includes the DS, the DS Lite, and now the DSi. For comparison’s sake, the DS Lite sold 550,000 units during its first month in Japan.

It makes sense, seeing as Media Create has been reporting big numbers for DSi sales, particularly last week. To no surprise at all that Nintendo’s new handheld has broken the 500,000 barrier. Kudos to Nintendo and its very profitable platforms.

More stats and figures:

Via Famitsu

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