DSRoomMaker v1.0 – be an instant interior decorator

Nintendo DS - Image 1Those who want to be interior decorators on the fly (or imagine themselves to be one) may want to check out this homebrewed app by Raphi2. The DSRoomMaker lets users decorate the insides of a virtual room and garden with the usual elements such as plants, walls, rugs, etc. Check out more details in the full article.

Download: DSRoomMaker v1.0

DSRoomMaker Raphi2 - Image 1Aspiring interior decorators will no doubt find some use in Raphi2‘s DSRoomMaker homebrew application. In DSRoomMaker, users can build their own dream garden and interior, using various elements such as walls, rugs, potted plants, shelves and more for the house interior, and cacti, flowers, stones and even weeds (among others) for the garden.

What’s good about the latest version of the DSRoomMaker is that Raphi finally eliminated the divisions between the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to combine them into one big room – users can still create their own divisions for the kitchen, bedroom, etc. as they see fit. Now, if only we can fully customize interiors in the DS Game Maker – it’ll surely be a blast.

Here is the changelog for this version of DSRoomMaker:

  • Now you can edit the walls and ways of your room!
  • Added more objects
  • You can combine the objects now
  • The garden is bigger
  • Deleted kitchen,bathroom and bedroom to combine it in one big main room

The DSRoomMaker is available in two languages, English and German. Both versions are included in the download link below. Enjoy!

Download: DSRoomMaker v1.0

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