DSVideo v1.0

DSVideo - Image 1Looking for an alternative to Moonshell? Then Nintendo DS homebrew developer  Dominic Ludlam has your back with DSVideo, a user-friendly movie player for your Nintendo handheld. Featuring higher quality video and sound, this one should be worth the download, if you’re one to take your on-the-go viewing experience seriously. Check out all the details in the full article.

Download: DSVideo v1.0

DSVideo - Image 1

Taking your Nintendo DS on a trip? Then you’d want to download DSVideo, a neat homebrew application from DS homebrew developer Dominic Ludlam. DSVideo lets you watch your own visual media on your Nintendo handheld, with the top screen for the watching and the touch screen for the playback controlling. It even has those old-fashioned rewind, fast forward, play, and eject buttons for added tactile pleasure (as well as a seek bar).

Here’s a brief list of DSVideo’s more important features:

  • Video playback up to 12.5 fps
  • Stereo Audio playback (MPEG-1 Layer 2 @ 112kbps / 32kHz)
  • Full seeking support
  • Feature-complete video playback controls
  • File browser

Definitely a very tasty alternative to Moonshell, or any other movie-playing app out on the DS. If you’re puzzled as to how to install (or use) DSVideo, then all you need to do is to refer to the readme bundled in the archive. But as far as installation goes, it’s just an extract-and-paste into your DS memory card, and you’re good to go. Just make sure that the version you use is compatible with the kind of card you have.

Download: DSVideo v1.0

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