Duke3D – now for PSP Slim

PSP - Image 1Thanks to tipster CJ, we have come across the port of Duke3D, and this time, it’s for all you PSP Slim owners out there. The creator of this port, Wally, has some reminders and shoutouts first, so why don’t you read up on it over at the full article?

Download: Duke3D PSP Slim

Duke3D PSP Slim - Image 1 

And here we have today a Duke3D game for the PSP Slim. We know, we know. This got you all excited – we were, too. But first, Wally sends his thanks to MrPeanut for his original port, as well as to HardHat and InsertWittyName for their helping hands.

Now, as for the main event, the only note that Wally has to say about this port of Duke3D is that as with the previous builds, a shareware or retail version of the Duke3D.GRP data file is required to play. But not to worry, that should be included in the bundle file below.

Thanks to tipster CJ.

Download: Duke3D PSP Slim

Via Exophase forums

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