Dungeons and Dragons Online updates to The Thirteenth Eclipse

Dungeons and Dragons Online updates to The Thirteenth Eclipse - Image 1We’re letting the gamers know that Turbine Inc.’s Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach has updated to The Thirteenth Eclipse. Wondering what sort of new features are available in this expansion? Read the full article and find out!

DDO updates to The Thirteenth Eclipse - Image 1 

Here’s a bit of a treat for the guys who adventure in Turbine Inc.’s Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. The developers have announced that the MMORPG has just updated with a new Module, titled The Thirteenth Eclipse, which will bring in tons of new features.

For example, the game’s Level Cap has now been increased to 16. Those with an eye for exploration may also want to take a look at some of the new areas that have been introduced such as The Twelve, Meridia, and the Vale of Twilight. For the guys who love tinkering, there’s also the highly experimental Eldritch Device, DDO’s very first crafting feature.

We’ve posted part of The Thirteenth Eclipse’s changelog here to give you a glimpse of what’s now available in-game. The full list is available over in the official DDO forums via our source link.

UI Improvements:

  • Bringing up the enhancement panel will now remove players from mouse-look mode.
  • Examination tooltips now appear when hovering over the text of an item in a “choose your rewards” window and chests.
  • Guild login and logout messages will now show up in the chat window. You can turn these messages off via a new option under the UI tab in the Options UI.
  • On the Create Party Panel:
    • A button has been added allowing the player to clear the selected quest.
    • If a player has made changes to their party criteria and closes the panel, they will be asked if they wish to apply the changes before the menu is closed.
    • The “Update my party” button will no longer be ghosted initially. Clicking this button will auto-select the “Advertise my party” check box.
  • When clicking in the 3D world after typing in the chat window, the game will now recognize your change in focus, while also preserving the text you typed.
  • Bringing up the enhancement panel will now remove players from mouse-look mode.
  • Critical spell hits now show up larger in the floaty text.
  • New party commands:
    • /party invite
    • /party dismiss
    • /party promote
    • /party leave
    • /party disband
    • /party raid
    • /party normal
  • The release button in the death dialog will now be grayed out for 3 seconds after death to prevent accidentally releasing.
  • The summary page of advancement will now show an abbreviated version of an advanced ability score rather then using the elements from the ability selection page.
  • The Bid and Buyout buttons in the auction house now have confirmation dialog boxes.
  • The user interface (UI) can now be re-skinned and customized by editing or applying user created skins.
  • Blocking damage reduction is now displayed in the inventory (equipped weapons) panel.
  • Stats that change when you are moving (Such as attack stats) will now be displayed on the fly in the inventory/equipped weapon window to prevent confusion. You’ll now see the numbers changing when you start and stop moving.
  • Confirmation dialogs should correctly put your mouse in cursor mode if you are in t-mode.
  • The XP debt, death penalty has been changed to a friendlier, equipment damage/death sickness system.

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