E3 2008: Covenant playable in Halo Wars

Halo Wars - Image 1It is official. The Covenant will indeed be playable in Ensemble Studios‘ upcoming RTS game, Halo Wars. To find out more about this, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Halo Wars - Image 1Sometimes, you just don’t want to play as a Spartan. It’s a fact that there are days when you want to be that bad ass alien with the big guns and Energy sword.

Well, the developers over at Ensemble Studios have acknowledged this primal need we gamers have by making the Covenant playable in their upcoming RTS game, Halo Wars.

The guys over at Joystiq were able to check out Halo Wars at E3 2008. Microsoft‘s Jim Ying walked them through the demo and informed them that the Covenant would indeed be a playable race in the game.

Now all we’re waiting for is acknowledgment that the Flood will be playable in the game and we’ll be happy campers. Till then, keep checking back here for more updates on Halo Wars.

Via Joystiq

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