E3 2008: God of War 3 trailer revealed, March 2009 release possible

E3: God of War 3 - PS3 - Image 1After Square Enix‘s FF13 cross-platform announcement yesterday, some people have learned to not count all their exclusive chicks before the eggs hatch. Here’s something, however, that we can all be sure is pretty much already in the basket: God of War 3 finally showed itself during Sony‘s press conference at E3 via a teaser trailer, and man, we can’t wait! And it isn’t much of a long wait either! Catch that rampaging Titan and head to the full article to watch the trailer and for more details.

PS3 - God of War 3 - E3 - Image 1PS3 - God of War 3 - E3 - Image 2

Sweet! The rumor was actually true! Kratos did eventually pop up in E3 and man, did he bring the house down. Complete with a CGI trailer to boot! Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten an embed of the trailer itself (yet). But it shows Kratos overlooking a scene of utter destruction, defying the gods once again (ha, what’s new?).

Yep, it’s just a teaser, and the trailer was kept really brief. But now you can allay all your fears because prior to this, there has been no official announcement of God of War III ever going to the PS3. It’s something we all expected to happen, eventually, but now it’s on the record and pretty much final. Consider this E3 teaser trailer as a “formal announcement,” so to speak.

What’s more is that we also get to confirm the release window for GoW 3! It’s not an altogether long wait either – it’s currently scheduled to be released sometime “after this holiday season.” If so, that probably puts the game’s release squarely around the month of March, right when every other previous God of War title’s been released.

Check back in a bit for when we finally get an embed of the teaser trailer!

Pics courtesy of Joystiq.

Ha! Found it! Here’s the teaser! I think it’s Zeus doing the voice over – with Kratos finishing that last line for him. Woot! “In the end… There is only… SPARTAAAAH!” LOL. Just kidding. Have fun, guys!

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