E3 2009: Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo at E3 2009 - Image 1It’s real-time, baby! Keep it posted here for our coverage on Nintendo‘s E3 Press Conference.

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Nintendo at E3 - Image 1 

It’s real-time, baby! Keep it posted here for our coverage on Nintendo‘s E3 Press Conference.

Cammie Dunaway

  • New 3D Mario announced. Side-scrolling action, up to four player co-op – at the same time.
    • Launch: Holiday 2009
  • Wii Fit Plus presentation
    • six new strengths and yoga activities
    • new calorie-tracker
    • 15 new balance games

Reggie Fils-Aime:

  • Wii Motion Plus presentation
    • Wii Sports Resort

Bill Trinen:

  • Wii Motion Plus continuation
    • Skydiving game sample – use the Wii Motion Plus to control the position of the skydivers: twist, form, descend, open chute, etc.
    • Archery game sample – connect Nunchuk to Wiimote, with Nunchuk acting as the arrow’s bowstring and the Wiimote as the arrow’s handle.
    • The longer you hold the bowstring back, the more focused the targeting zoom is

Bill and Reggie:

  • Basketball game sample
    • 3-point contest
    • reach down, grab a ball, shoot
    • Motion Plus sensitivity looks sensitive enough
    • Bill leading by two points against Reggie
    • Last-minute beat by Reggie, 19 to 17


  • other WMP games
    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis
  • More third party games were sold for the Wii and DS than any other platform last year
  • Short trailer
    • Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)
    • September 29?
  • Bowser’s Inside Story
    • latest Mario-Luigi RPG game (DS)
    • Mario and Luigi are going inside Bowser
      • reminds me of Dr. Mario, though not necessarily. But weirdness level, yep, it’s right there along with it
    • Fall (US and Europe)
  • “Legendary RPG” coming back
    • Golden Sun DS
      • 2010


  • DS install base
  • Three new “innovating” games
    • James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion
      • finger-printing feature reminds me of Phoenix Wright
      • October 13
    • Cop: The Recruit
      • Open world game
    • Style Savvy
      • run your own botique
      • for the fashionistas
      • or pageant aspirants (you can compete in contests)
  • “The new DSi is already capturing the passion of players”
  • People today don’t just consume entertainment – they create it, and they they share it
  • New user-generated content
    • Flip Notes for the DSi this Summer
    • Mario vs Donkey Kong Minis March Again allows you to design levels from the ground up
      • mini-LBP much?
      • available via download this Monday
    • wi-fi or local upload of maps
  • DSiWare
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  • In Nintendo world, everyone’s game

Satoru Iwata:

  • Nintendo’s population division:
    • those who play
    • those who say they won’t play
    • those who might play
  • more stats:
    • 25 million people playing handhelds/ consoles games
    • 149 million say they might be interested in getting involved
    • 2:1 waiting to go play
  • Mario Kart Wii
    • game that tried to pull in both advanced and novice players
  • Wii Vitality Sensor
    • Karl B. What. The. Hell.
    • attachable to the bottom of the Wiimote, to help users attain greater relaxation
    • pulse detector, look at the inner workings of your body
    • uh-huh.


  • More Mario titles:
    • Galaxy 2, is this?
    • Mario in 3D looks nice… am sold with the giant goombas.
    • Karl: What’s bigger than Galaxy? … Universe?
    • Whoaaa… cute sky level.
    • Yep, Super Mario Galaxy 2


  • “I read the blogs too, and I’ve been a gamer myself for a long time.”
  • More third party titles with harder edge (cos people want more)
    • The Conduit – Sega
    • Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles – Capcom
      • Ryan F.: that’s just a remake
    • Dead Space Extraction
  • Me: But it’s not like we do not already know of these games…. right?
  • Ooohh… new game… rain clouds… hahaha. Imagine, it’s Metal Gear!
  • Ninja Gaiden?.. Team Ninja.. hmmm…
    • Metroid: Other M
    • Team Ninja.. Itagaki-less, but still looking about to kick ass
    • coming 2010
    • Rated M?!??! Rated M.
    • Wii-folks are about the only ones oober excited to get a Rated M game on board. O.o

Closing Remarks:

“We believe we can provide something for everyone, we believe there is a place in gaming for everyone and we remain committed to making nintendo everyone’s game”

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