EA CEO John Riccitiello: We want Take Two’s studios, IPs

EA CEO John Riccitiello: We want Take Two's studios, IPs - Image 1The biggest development these days in the video game industry is EA’s plans to buy Take-Two Interactive. As you all know, however, the publisher has turned down the offer due to a couple of reasons.

But the biggest question here is why EA wants Take-Two so much. CEO John Riccitiello recently granted an interview and explained their stake on this deal. The full story awaits after the jump!

EA CEO John Riccitiello: We want Take Two's studios, IPs - Image 1The current relationship between Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive is a tumultuous one to say the least. As you all know, EA has offered to purchase the publisher but it ultimately turned down any kind of offer.

In light of these developments, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello recently granted an interview to state the reasons why their company wants Take-Two. According to the official, the publisher’s studios attract them the most:

I will tell you that our attraction to the asset of Take-Two is because we love their studios- Rockstar, Visual Concepts, Irrational [2K Boston and 2K Australia], Firaxis – and we like their intellectual properties.

Riccitiello also said that the buyout is a win situation for Take-Two since the publisher is currently facing a series of operational and scale issues, legal issues, and not to mention financial issues as well.

Given the nature of video games generally developed and produced by Electronic Arts, some may argue that M-rated IPs such as Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto have no place in their studios. John Riccitiello countered this by saying:

Frankly, my view is that I’m a real believer in the Entertainment Software Association and their analogous organizations around the world, and I don’t have an issue with M-rated content. Neither me nor the company nor the board.

Aside from the above mentioned, John Riccitiello also shared some of EA’s experience when it comes to M titles especially during early and mid 90’s. If you want to see the whole interview, just refer to the source link below.

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