EA lashes banhammer on Spore ‘inappropriate content’

EA lashes banhammer on Spore 'inappropriate content' - Image 1There’s still a majority of us who are still messing around with EA’s recently released Spore Creature Creator demo, but we’ve never been able to go so far as to reel in Electronic Art’s strict attention. That’s what one Spore user (and PC Gamer staffer) managed to do, and now EA has unsheathed it’s modstick for some warning swings against nudity or representations of nudity in Spore creatures. More at the full story.

EA lashes banhammer on Spore 'inappropriate content' - Image 1 

Big on the PC gaming news streams that Electronic Arts is policing content on Spore (PC, Nintendo Wii, DS, Mac, and Mobile). This comes after the Spore Creature Creator demo took to the Internet waves – and to the satisfaction of EA, millions of PCs (Mac and Windows combined) at home and work as well.

It seems that some users have been a bit too liberal with the flexibility of the Creature Creator and have spruced up critters with rather familiar body parts. Familiar, private body parts, we carefully point out.

PC Gamer US' Kristen Salvatore's Boobalicious caught EA's censoring eyes - Image 1 

PC Gamer US’ Kristen Salvatore apparently created her own creature called “Boobalicious,” and it was an apt name for obvious reasons. But just as it was apt, it was also created on a game that’s currently being marketed to everyone – young and old – and content like that isn’t going to sit well with parents.

So just like that, EA decided to flag Salvatore’s account for “nudity,” if the email message quoted below is accurate:

Your Electronic Arts account has been flagged for violating the Electronic Arts Inc Terms of Service. We believe that the violation or behavior is serious enough to bring to your attention as it may impact your future access to the service.

<Violation: Inappropriate Content –Creature <violation type:Nudity> < Asset Name:Boobalicious>

Understanding the EA Terms of Service is extremely important, should you have any general questions or concerns please review the Terms of Service. Should you then need additional assistance, or wish to appeal a violation, you can contact us.

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc.
EA.com Customer Relations

Now details aren’t crystal clear: we do know access to Salvatore’s EA account has been limited, but whether it’s a temporary ban or a permanent ban is still up in the air. From the looks of the email message, she might be given a second chance to submit more appropriate content. EA Account access is required to use the online features of the upcoming EA Maxis game.

We’re pretty sure PC Gamer UK‘s Tim Edwards had his kicks with Spore‘s Creature Creator flexibility (with rather shrewd results, mind you), though we haven’t heard if he’s been swatted with the modstick as well. If EA’s pretty thorough and serious about it’s full-blown Spore scheme, he very well might have received one overnight. Stay tuned for more developments.

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