Easy Installer for CFW 3.72 HX-1

Easy Installer for CFW 3.72 HX-1 - Image 1Homebrew developer pspfreak101 has created another Easy Installer, though this time it’s for the recently released CFW 3.72 HX-1 for the Sony PlayStation Portable. With _HellDashX_‘s custom firmware in tow, 3.72 Easy Installer also comes with an option to update Dark AleX’ 3.52 M33 custom firmware.

The current build of the 3.72 Easy Installer requires Microsoft’s .NET Framework 2.0. You can find the program’s download link along with pspfreak101’s Easy Installer download at the full article.

Easy Installer for CFW 3.72 HX-1 - Image 1It appears that a new Easy Installer application has emerged from the depths of the homebrew community for Sony‘s PlayStation Portable, and it’s arrival is quite timely, too. After _HellDashX_ released CFW 3.72 HX-1, homebrew developer pspfreak101 opted to create another user-friendly installer option for homebrew users: an Easy Installer for CFW 3.72 HX-1.

The 3.72 Easy Installer, as pspfreak101 has named it, has been developed over .NET Framework 2.0, so it remains a Windows-only option for now. Windows XP and Vista users alike can use this application – the Framework update being the only requirement for operating system compatibility – though there will be no support for any other Windows version.

The author assures that many of the bugs in the application has been whacked (dead, we presume) and should run error free on most platforms. The 3.72 Easy Installer also comes with a M33-4 Update for users with Dark AleX’ 3.52 M33 CFW, so it’s download size is a little bit heavier than usual – about 24 MB in estimate.

Download: Easy Installer for CFW 3.72 HX-1
Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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