eBay provides a cheaper alternative for Wii shoppers

The eBay logo - Image 1For those of you may have been praying for a miracle to occur in the midst of the shortage (read: finding a reasonably priced Nintendo Wii these days), it seems your prayers have been answered. Yes, there are Nintendo Wiis on eBay, and yes, they’re selling for cheaper there. Want to find out how it happened? Check out the full story after the jump!

Stocks of Nintendo Wiis - Image 1Still shopping for a Nintendo Wii? Tired of the highway robbery taking place on online retail outlets? You may want to check out eBay for a cheaper alternative. Thanks to a surplus of Nintendo Wii units available, prices of Nintendo’s console on eBay have actually gone down.

This is how it happened: some people had hoped to make a killing on eBay by selling a horde of Wiis to desperate buyers, so these same people bought in as many Nintendo Wii units as they possibly could. Thing is, the Law of Supply and Demand chose to assert itself.

As a result, Nintendo Wii consoles are selling for as little as £147 (approximately US$ 292), with more than 7000 units available on eBay as of December 20. Perhaps Yukari Iwatane Kane and Nick Wingfield were right about the Nintendo’s psychology of caution after all.

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