Electronic Arts, Crytek confirm Crysis Warhead for PC

Electronic Arts, Crytek confirm Crysis Warhead for PC - Image 1EA and Crytek have partnered up again to introduce the recently speculated Crysis Warhead, which was often thought to be Crytek’s Crysis project for consoles. It appears, however, that the majority of the rumors were wrong, and the minority was right. Crysis Warhead is the second installment to the Crysis ‘verse, but it doesn’t go far from the predecessor. As very few have mused before, Warhead is a retelling of the Crysis incident through the eyes of Sergeant “Psycho” Sykes (a.k.a. Jason Statham for jokers out there). More details in the full story.

Electronic Arts, Crytek confirm Crysis Warhead for PC - Image 1 

Crysis Warhead
has been confirmed as the next Crysis installment for the PC, and the press wire streaming in from Electronic Arts and Crytek says that the videogame will be exclusive to the gaming platform (despite Cevat Yerli‘s stand on PC exclusives) when the bleeding edge first-person shooter releases this fall.

Crysis Warhead will be the first title to be developed by Crytek’s Budapest-based studio, and it will be using an enhanced version of the CryENGINE 2 technology. It seems, however, that the game will not become added content for the original Crysis. Instead, it appears that Crysis Warhead will become a standalone expansion with its own singleplayer campaign and multiplayer modes.

As many fans have guessed, the new game will be focusing on the story of Sergeant Sykes, who is best remembered by his call sign Psycho. Players will fill the shoes of Psycho during the events of the Crysis incident at the Lingshan Islands in the Philippine Sea.

Unlike Nomad, however, players on the quest to uncover the events that happened on the other side of the island will be blessed with a larger set of weapons to play with as well as an addition of drivable vehicles.

We believe this game will be the title to preface the next chapter of Crysis, which was abruptly halted at the end of the predecessor.

The Crysis Warhead art box apparently confirmed many PC gamers’ fears that Crytek will have adopted Windows LIVE for the sequel, but further input from the independent game developer maintains that the box art is not final and Windows LIVE incorporation is not confirmed for now. More updates as we get them.

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