Environment friendly Lifecar to be unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

LifeCar - Image 1Looking for a car that’s as stylish as it is eco-friendly? Then the hydrogen-powered Lifecar is just for you, with its sleek profile and zero-noise (as well as zero-pollution) engine. Developed by a consortium of UK companies and universities, the Lifecar offers top-class performance and looks – and you won’t feel the least bit guilty when you’re tearing down the road at its top speed, with the car’s exhaust consisting of nothing but water vapor. Check out the full article for more details.

Lifecar - Image 1

Interested in saving the world’s environment in style? Then the hydrogen-powered Lifecar, based on the design of the very stylish and very sexy Morgan Aero-8 roadster, should be the wheels for you. Slated to be revealed at the Geneva Motorshow in Switzerland from the 6th to the 16th of March, this clean-and-green roadster produces little noise, exhaust that consists of only water vapor, and sports a very smooth look that should get the ladies impressed.

So, just what is under the hood, besides the deal that it’s quite the environment-friendly set of wheels? First off, it’s very lightweight, packing advanced fuel cells and an energy storage system – making it a very reliable vehicle that has a range of 250 miles per tank of hydrogen. And it’s no slouch on the road, either, with figures suggesting that it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just seven seconds. Not very bad at all!

But what is the secret to the Lifecar? It’s all in the bank of lightweight hydrogen fuel-cells developed by UK defence firm Qinetiq. Each fuel cell produces about 22 kilowatts – roughly one-fifth of the amount of power of a typical internal combustion engine. These are like ultra-efficient batteries – they’re not quite powerful per se, but they do recharge and discharge energy much, much quicker – making for a cleaner ride.

There’s also the deal about the entire car being very, very light – in fact, the Lifecar only weighs about 700 kilograms, a sight lighter than most cars on the road today. This makes the Lifecar pretty much fuel-efficient, but at a price – it doesn’t have the usual accouterments that modern cars have. Yes, no radios, central locking system – not even airbags. Ouch.
Hopefully, they’ll be making models with these features soon. In the meantime, you can check out more specifics about the Lifecar by clicking on the via link below.

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