Epic Games president wants to take technology forward

Unreal Engine by Epic Games - Image 1Unreal Engine.”>Epic Games, known for setting the bar with its powerful Unreal Engine 3 which powered Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3, makes it well known that licensees of its engine can expect bleeding edge graphics. According to the company’s president Michael Capps, that’s why there won’t be an Epic game on the Wii. Get the drift? Find all the details at the full article.

Unreal Engine by Epic Games - Image 1There’s no blaming video game developers when they choose to make profit out of the popular Nintendo Wii platform. However, it seems we won’t be getting anything out of Unreal Engine.”>Epic Games on the motion sensing console. Michael Capps, president of Epic, revealed he’s not very fond of the machine.

Talking to IGN, Capps didn’t hold back when he expressed his lack of interest on the Wii. He shrugged off the question when asked for his thoughts on Ninty’s console, and said “wiggle” could have been replaced by traditional button controls in games such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy.

Discussing about the Wii, Capps was quoted saying:

It’s a virus where you buy it and you play it with your friends and they’re like, “Oh my God that’s so cool, I’m gonna go buy it.” So you stop playing it after two months, but they buy it and they stop playing it after two months but they’ve showed it to someone else who then go out and buy it and so on.

Everyone I know bought one and nobody turns it on. Obviously there’s a class of people who really love it and enjoy it and are getting into the games but I’m still waiting for that one game that makes me play it. Who knows, maybe Wii Fit will be it.

Epic’s head honcho stressed out that there won’t be an Epic game on the white hot console. “We go forward, not back,” Capps said. “How you take an engine that’s all based on shaders and materials and run it on hardware that doesn’t support shaders is just impossible.”

Development on the Wii, according to the Epic president, is “about as easy as PSP for us.” Even it its user base grows, Capps has no plans of creating a game for the platform. “Maybe it would make sense, but it makes more sense to invest going forward.”

Meanwhile, he was rather enthusiastic about the fitness-friendly Wii Fit. On the topic of the Wii add-on’s upcoming release, Capps could only say, “Well everything [Nintendo does] is good!” He added, “[Nintendo] know what they’re doing and they make money better than anyone else does.”

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