Epic Guitar Hero 3: Legend of Rock Wii mod featuring Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell Evil Dead Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock - Image 1Playing Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock and rocking out makes any gamer look good, but rocking out on a guitar embellished with Bruce Campbell’s face will give anyone even more Awesome points. Check out the Evil Dead-themed Guitar Hero 3 mod in the full article!

Guitar Hero 3 mod Evil Dead version - Image 1A modded Guitar Hero 3 controller is a great thing, but seeing Bruce Campbell on a Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock for the Wii mod is decidedly categorized under a higher level of “great thing”.

This epic customized Guitar Hero 3 controller was created by a certain Frank C., who also created a nice-looking No More Heroes Wii console mod.

The Evil Dead-themed controller was created for the Wii version of the game. While no details about how this GH3 Wii controller was customized, the guitar certainly looks like it was hand-painted, which makes it even more epic.

Via Kotaku

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