EVE Online now available for Mac, Linux

EVE Online - Image 1 The collaboration between CCP and TransGaming, Inc. we reported on a couple of months back has finally borne fruit. CCP’s interstellar MMORPG title, EVE Online, is now available on all three of the most widely used operating systems in the world: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Gamers can now enjoy cross-OS play with other EVE Online players around the world. Learn more at the full article.

EVE Online - Image 1

A couple of months back, CCP, one of the world’s largest indie game developers, announced its partnership with TransGaming Inc. to bring EVE Online to Mac and Linux systems all over the world. Today, EVE Online has finally made its way to the Mac and Linux platforms.

Thanks to the CCP – TransGaming collaboration, the Mac and Linux versions of EVE Online allow users across platforms to play within the same perpetual online universe, enabling large-scale battles with thousands of players. Cider for the Mac and Cedega for Linux ensure that the game evolves congruently on all three platforms – including Windows – without delays.

“The availability of EVE Online to the Mac and Linux communities extends the game to rapidly growing new communities who have been enthusiastically demanding the game on their platforms of choice,” said Vikas Gupta, CEO of TransGaming Technologies. “We are very pleased to see the efforts of our partnership come to fruition with the release of EVE Online for the Mac and Linux platforms.”

Mac and Linux users can try out a free 14-day trial of EVE Online at eve-online.com.

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