ExistenzE final version – with sources

ExistenZe final version - Image 1The final version for NoNameNo‘s Soundchip Music Disk for the Wii, ExistenzE, is now here. Included within is the source directory. We won’t be keeping you much longer from the details so you can head on over to the full article for them now.

Download: ExistenzE final version

ExistenzE final version - Image 1The first Wii demo soundchip music disk was first introduced last month, and now we draw to a close as developer NoNameNo releases the final version of ExistenzE. This version is not only the last of them all, but all contains the sources.

If you’re just coming across this homebrew app for the Wii now, a music disk is basically the computer version for a music album. It makes playing your fave tunes more cos the program comes with a custom user interface, hence music players become unnecessary.

This homebrew creation in particular, uses songs from German musician Jochen Hippel, whose name became part of history in the 16-bit era of computer music for his creation of rock-arranged Christmas songs for the Commodore 64.

We’re sure you’re interested to learn what’s in the source directory, so here we go:

  • My port of StSound from Leonard/OXG ( a YM rePlayer )
  • tons of YM files 😉
  • GRRLIB 1.6.5 ( added pseudo slow alpha support (nice for fading effect))
  • and the dirty coded demo source ( the secret of fake precalc 2D Cube 😉 )

Anyhow, we won’t be keeping you any longer from enjoying this “Ultimate Jochen Hippel Tribute”. It doesn’t even matter if you know the guy or not, cos there’s always something new to discover anyway. Give it a try, you might you like his work.

Download: ExistenzE final version

Via WiiBrew.org

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