EXIT commercial escapes out of the box

Exit for the PSP - Image 1This is for Taito‘s Exit. What does a burning building and the task of safely escorting the people in it outside got to do with an old couple fighting it out to death with a tabby cat over cooked fish? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it’s simply glorious that way. Check out the full article to see for yourself what has got to be the wackiest, unadulterated videogame commercial as of late. Remember, don’t expect a connection!

Here’s the story of Ubisoft and Taito‘s puzzle action game for the PlayStation Portable, Exit: you play the role of Mr. ESC (Escape), and you basically have to search for the people inside what is presumably a burning building (hence the title Escape). Now here is the commercial for the game. We suggest you click on play now, or else be lost in the remainder of this post.

Huh? But where’s the fire? The burning building? The escaping people? Nowhere? It’s crazy! Yes. It’s crazy, and we love it! This has got to be one of the more original commercials we’ve seen for a game. And hey, tabby cat needs to eat, tabby cat needs to escape. Everybody’s just looking for an exit.

Via Silentwulf

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