Ex-SingStar developer looking to make multiplatform social games

Atari - Image 1SingStar developer Paulina Bozek mentioned during the Atari Live event in London that she’s currently working on something “brand new” and cross platform.

Paulina Bozek - Image 1As you may have well heard by now, SingStar developer Paulina Bozek had left Sony around six months ago after around six years of service. She was promptly snatched up by Atari soon after.

Although they’re all still keeping mum about what exactly she is working on over there, Bozek did reveal during the Atari Live event in London it’s something “brand new” and cross platform.

To quote her directly,

I’m working on something brand new. It’s still very much in the social, mass-market space, that’s the area that I’m very, very much interested in. And now cross-platform. Or potentially on any platform which could include PlayStation of course.

She also expressed excitement over the developments in the next gen consoles, the PC, and the web, perhaps hinting that all three will be thoroughly explored in this new project.

Bozek is currently setting up Atari’s London branch, which although small now, is expected to balloon to a staff of around 150.

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