Extreme Link v1.6.0 Beta 3 – to house ads in software

PSP - Image 1Quake has released his update on his nifty application for the PSP, the Extreme Link, but this time, it’s still a work in progress. See how his project is rolling with Extreme Link v1.60 Beta 3 over at the full article.

Download: Extreme Link v1.6.0 Beta

Extreme Link v1.6.0 B3 - Image 1If you can’t get enough of Quake‘s Extreme Link application, then this bit of news should make your day. He’s just released yet another new version of his application, and thus it’s now blinged up to v1.6.0. However, do take note that this is by no means the finished product yet. Instead, it is just  a beta.

So basically Extreme Link v1.6.0 Beta is a WIP, and so far, Quake says he’s done the layout the design of the mCSO and he’s happy with it. His latest update on this beta is that he might strip out the GUI if he gets the DLLs to work properly. That, and of course, if he’s happy with how it turns out.

Also, you might want to know that there will be advertisements in the software. Yup, you read it right – advertisements, as in those from Google. That’s so the software will remain free of charge.

And it seems like there isn’t much reason for you to worry about its presence since Quake reassures that the said ads will not create popups, adware, trojans, spyware, or anything else that might spoil your fun on your Sony handheld.

So there. If you want to learn more about this project, then head on over to Quake’s site via the link below.

Download: Extreme Link v1.6.0 Beta

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