Facebreaker video: Kireko revealed

Facebreaker - Image 1It seems that the developers from Electronic Arts are giving gamers quite a number of options in the upcoming boxing game, Facebreaker (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii). The latest character revealed, Kireko, prefers to dance her way to victory rather than go toe to toe against the larger boxers. Care to find out more and see a video of her in action? Hit the “read more” link below to do so.

Fans of Electronic ArtsFacebreaker (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii) already know that the game has an interesting set of boxers. The latest boxer that was revealed is Kireko, an agile dancer who can dish out a beating as well as any of the other boxers in the game.

This latest exclusive character reveal video from GameTrailers shows Kireko in action against a variety of foes. Gamers will probably do well to pay attention to the different skills she uses including a variety of flips and kicks which allow her to get into more advantageous positions during a fight.

Anyway, you came here to see the video for yourself so we’re not going to keep you from it. Here it is, enjoy!



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