Famitsu surveys Monster Hunter fans – they play it online

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - Image 1Why do you love Monster Hunter? We can only guess, but what we’re certain about is why them Japanese gamers enjoy the series and went crazy when Capcom released Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. The answer is quite simple – it’s portable and can be played online. Survey data to back that up is available at the full article, and we’re inviting all unbelievers to see for themselves.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - Image 1It may not be well known in the west, but it’s a fact that Capcom met success with Monster Hunter in Japan not because they just love mindless monster killing in the land of the rising sun. With the explosive release of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G for the Sony PlayStation Portable, we can be certain about what made the series such a hit.

Looking at the recent survey Famitsu held when Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G made its debut, it is apparent that the online component is what compelled hunters to come back for more (2nd G being a mere expansion pack).

Most players tested the waters when they picked up the first Monster Hunter for PS2 and its counterpart for the PlayStation Portable, but the more portable yet online-capable handheld versions topped the chart of which titles they wanted to stick with.

Around 50% of survey participants admitted they don’t settle for anything less than multiplayer, while over 30% enjoy both online and offline. Only 18% play Monster Hunter games solely for the single player experience. Consequently, some 82% hooked up to download quests available online.

If anything, Monster Hunter‘s more casual appeal is comparable to World of Warcraft – both online games where you can tag along with real people to take on breathtaking quests.

Retailers noted that the amount of new players were surprising, including a considerable portion of females. Consumers said they want to play with people they don’t know, and stressed co-op doubles the fun.

Without a doubt, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G‘s March 27 launch contributed to the PSP’s stellar performance in Japan during the month’s final week. This can be attributed to almost 30% of fans who bought new models of the handheld during that period, presumably bundled with the game.

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