Fan takes a shot at realistic Mario render

Super Mario - Image 1Mario has always been that harmless guy, stepping on turtles (as opposed to shooting them) and punching bricks all to save his princess. He’s been a celebrity whose name settled in households, and we all love his adorable voice. In Super Mario Galaxy, he remained cartoony despite the on-going trend of going realistic in games. How will the plumber look like if rendered in bleeding edge graphics? One fan has a fairly good idea, and you’ll see it at the full article.

Super Real Mario Brother - Image 1

We’ve seen the most popular video game mascot, Mario, in all forms and sizes – from being just an 8-bit sprite to a flying plumber bee in 480p. What most of us want to know is how the family-friendly hero would look like in real life, and if it doesn’t have to be from Nintendo, here’s a 3D model of him.

After seeing this, we have to wonder if Nintendo deliberately limited its Wii hardware so it won’t have to dish out amazingly realistic Mario games that show the plumber’s true color. Can you imagine this guy driving race karts? We definitely won’t know who to feel bad for if Bowser fights his nemesis in very human-like form that looks like the guy on top.

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