FAT Player MikMod v4

FAT Player MikMod - Image 1Nintendo DS owners who want to play music on their handhelds have a lot to be happy about, because homebrew developer Cid2Mizard just released a new version of his versatile FAT Player MikMod. Now FAT Player MikMod version 4, several bugs have been squished and a nifty feature has been added. Find more details at the full article.

Download: FAT Player MikMod v4

FAT Player MikMod screenshot - Image 1One of the many homebrew applications in Cid2Mizard‘s portfolio, FAT Player MikMod, has received another update to improve the powerful audio player for the Nintendo DS. Now that it can already recognize more file types than you’ll probably ever need, FAT Player MikMod reaches version 4 to tweak a few things

Here’s a rough translation of the changelog:

  • Addition of a new viewer frequency (effect of weightlessness)
  • Fixed various little bugs
  • Zooms to 22000 to 99000

According to Cid2Mizard, FAT Player MikMod in its version 3 which he submitted as an entry for for the NeoFlash Spring Competition 2008 won first place. Even if this release only introduces a couple of new features, we can’t really complain when it’s a rare gem that can play even the most obscure music files.

Download: FAT Player MikMod v4

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