FBA lbicelyne 1021 V11P1 – CPS 1, 2, 3 emulator for PSP

PSP - Image 1New drivers have been added to this new version of the CPS 1, 2, and 3 emulator for the PSP in order to support more games. This release also includes a few bugfixes. Check out the complete changelog in the full article.

PSP - Image 1Take another walk down memory lane with the latest version of the CPS 1, 2, and 3 emulator for the PSP. New drivers have been added to support more games. There are a few fixes included in this release as well. Read more in the full changelog below.

  • Versions of the organization to change.
  • Change the version’s organization for different users.
  • All: full-drive version. Contains all the usable drivers.
  • Mid = All – CPS3 – CPS1 – CPS2 – NEOGEO – MegaDrive
  • Small = Mid – PGM – Cave
  • PGM: Only for PGM / IGS games.
  • Cave: Only for Cave games.
  • CPS3: Only for CPS3 NO CD games. Sfiii2 drivers are removed.
  • FBA4PSP.zip emulator to run the necessary environmental documents. Some runtime files for FBA, prx and ini. PSP1000 recommendations of the user to create multiple folders display multiple versions of the simulator. Suggest PSP1000 users seting up several folders for your different versions’ FBA.
  • Button to add custom features, please refer to the sfiii3n.ini set an example. (Xiangjian FBA4PSP.zip in the Readme file) You can redefine the keys now. Please refer to sfiii3n.ini for an eample. If you need detail instructions, please download FBA4PSP.zip and read readme file.
  • CPS3 performance. But – still very slow about 20fps or so. CPS3 stand-alone version of the PSP1000 in normal operation. No CD only version of the ROM. Is the name behind Rom with the n, such as sfiii3n. CPS3’s performance is improved. But it is still too slow to play. About 20fps. You can run the CPS3 version on your PSP1000 now. It could only support NO CD version CPS3 roms. It means there is a char ‘n’ at the end of the rom’s name like sfiii3n etc.
  • Scanner frequency upgrade button, auto fire algorithm changes.
  • Improved the key scan frequency. The auto fire method is changed. You should press the R-Trigger button and press a button you want to “auto fire” at the same time. And then release the R-Trigger. Auto fire will be stopped once you release the “auto fired” button.
  • Closed to support the rocker. You may disable the joystick.
  • Rapid movement to amend the screen when the issue out of sync. Fix a screen draw issue.
  • Some of the new driver to support more games (such as Peter Pan in the Teenage Mutant  Ninja Turtles and small versions of the above has been limited support) Add some game drivers. Hook, Tmnt and some more games are limited supported now.
  • C68K revised to read some of the memory, hoping to improve the compatibility, but will affect the performance a little bit. If you do not improve compatibility, the next version will come back to it. Modified the op code reading functions in C68K. I hope it could improve the compatibility of hack roms. If it not, I will change it back in the next release.

You can download this through the source link below.

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