Final Fantasy XI Special Task Force Report: because crime does not pay

Final Fantasy XI logo - Image 1If there was anything that could earn the irk of players who aren’t Final Fantasy XI (Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) regulars, it’s the high headcount of perpetrators who pursue illegal activities. Fortunately, Square Enix and PlayOnline don’t have plans of taking breaks from hunting violators. This time, the U.S. government authorities even helped to track down a naughty hacker. The full report awaits at the full article.

Final Fantasy XI Special Task Force report - Image 1 

True to its mantra of cracking down on exploiters and other perpetrators in the realms of Final Fantasy XI (Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) the Special Task Force continues to swing its banhammer and trace illegal activities. The latest report of activities for March 26 to April 23 reveals Square Enix and PlayOnline are banning more accounts and securing Gil obtained through real-money trading (RMT).

The Special Task Force was serious when it said hunting down violators of Final Fantasy XI‘s user agreement will be more severe. According to the report, 10,400 convicted accounts were banned and 580,000,000 gil passed around via RMT were frozen.

To top it all, one hacker who was caught taking advantage of low-security passwords now has to face an out of court confidential civil settlement which will cost him a significant amount of actual money.

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