Firmware 2.51 for PS3 released… only for demo units

PS3 - Image 1It hasn’t been a month since 2.50 came and now we have 2.51. Hold on, usually we get firmware updates for those after the official retail console update. What’s more, this one’s only for demo units. Learn more in the full article.

PS3 - Image 1Strange. Usually we get PS3 demo firmware updates after the official retail console updates. Now we’re getting 2.51for the demo unit first. No word yet on what exactly this release does, give it a try and see for yourself.

Even if this update is only for demos, it’s a nice, safe attempt at a dry-run for software before releasing it for general use. After all, since firmware affects your system, installing an incompatible or faulty update may ruin it. It’s better that demo units get their hands on this before we run it in ours, right?

Important: the password to unlock the PS3 firmware 2.5 demo units is 6258.

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