First look at the PSP Skype headset

Skype logo - Image 1Curious about how the official PSP Skype headset will look like? Well, here are some first images, and we can tell you that the thing looks sleek. The pictures in the full article!

Skype Headset - Image 1Sony PlayStation Portable gamers are all hyped up about the upcoming Skype for the PSP, and we’ve got something to heat up the already boiling hot hype: here are some pictures of the PSP headset that will be used with Skype, and it looks definitely sleek.

The headset with microphone comes in a nice silver-gray color, and is the kind that you slip over your ears. The microphone itself looks like its bendable, so there will be no problems in adjusting it.

One thing that we’ve noticed though is that the Skype headset is colored differently compared to the extension cord (that’s the one with the volume controls and connects directly to the PSP and colored white), which may hint that the Skype headset may not be a part of any future PSP Value Pack.

More details as they come!

PSP Headphones - Image 1 PSP Headphones - Image 2

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