Flip phones transform into tiny, surprised-looking robots

Toshiba makes Transformers mobile phone - Image 1Ok, it’s been a few months since the Transformers movie, but it’ll still be some time before transforming gadgets-slash-robots will get old. Besides, these new transforming cellphones from Toshiba are just too cute. Go to the full article for details and pictures.

Toshiba makes Transformers mobile phone - Image 1Ever since the Transformers movie, transforming gadget-robots kept popping up everywhere, including a transforming iPod dock.

Ok, this latest one doesn’t have turrets or missile launchers, but Toshiba‘s new line of transforming cellphones are still cool, in a very geeky kind of way.

Note that these are real, working phones. They’re flip phones by day, crimefighting war machines at night. Ok, maybe not the war machine part. But you can fight crime with them by, er… calling 911 when you see a robbery in progress *cue Justice League theme*.

The phones – the Toshiba Softbank 815T PB – have a QVGA screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, and is 3G ready. It comes complete with the tiny-fists/surprised-robot-look ensemble. They’ll be released late April in Japan, but no news on whether they’ll be available in other areas.

Via SoftBank

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