Florida’s online driver’s license app briefly stopped working.

Florida has removed the Florida Smart ID App from the iOS App Store
Last updated 6 hours agoFlorida abruptly removed their digital driver’s licence application from the iOS app store and Android app store, forcing digital ID users to rely for the moment on physical cards. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has discontinued support for its digital driver’s licence app, Florida Smart ID. The agency announced that it was removing its app from the iOS App Store, as well as the Google Play Store for Android. It also instructed users to remove the current Florida Smart ID application from their devices because it would no longer work. A vendor-related problem is responsible for the sudden and unexpected removal from the Florida DHSMV application. According to the FLHSMV’s website, a new vendor will update and improve the Florida Smart ID application. 9to5mac was the first to report that The FLHSMV intends to have a brand new version of its app developed by 2025. The agency has instructed its users to send an e-mail to [email] to receive notifications when the new and improved application is available. The FLHSMV issued a brief statement to app users. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles strives to improve services for its customers. The agency will be updating the Florida Smart ID app. FLHSMV will remove the current Florida Smart ID app from app stores once a new vendor has been selected. Please delete the app from your device if you have already downloaded it. It will no longer work. Please note that your data is safe with the Department. We expect the new app will be developed by early 2020 and we will notify you via email at that time. Florida’s Smart ID was first introduced in November 2021 and became fully operational a month later, in December 2021. Florida, unlike other US states that support Digital IDs through Apple’s Wallet application for iOS, had a separate application for digital drivers’ licenses. Apple’s Wallet app allows users to input and save digital IDs as well as driver’s licences. However, you can add your license only in four US States: Arizona, Colorado Georgia and Maryland. As previously mentioned, Florida had a dedicated app for digital drivers licenses. This meant that they couldn’t be added to Apple Wallet, despite Apple claiming it was working with them previously.


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