Flying Lab Software on handling PotBS spammers

Spam isn't welcome in Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1Everyone has their own way of dealing with spam, even Flying Lab Software. In a discussion on this irritating issue, lead designer Kevin Maginn has informed players of Pirates of the Burning Sea of Flying Lab Software’s steps in dealing with annoyances like these, and how players can help. More spam information follows in the full article after the jump.

Nobody likes spam in Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1Spammers are smart, which is why players of Pirates of the Burning Sea and staff of Flying Lab Software need to be smarter. That was basically the premise behind a recent devlog penned by Flying Lab Software lead designer, Kevin Isildur Maginn.

The question begs itself: what is the developer doing to help combat spam in PotBS? Unfortunately, Maginn kept a tight lid on specifics of new anti-spam features so as not to tip off potential spammers.

He did, however, mention the players’ importance in the anti-spam process, so much so that the developer is streamlining the spam reporting procedure so that players may submit reports in-game instead of having to log out first to do so.

According to Maginn, Flying Lab Software will also be modifying the process on their end, so that PotBS GMs may also rid themselves of spam accounts more easily. That way, GMs can devote more time to actually helping players instead of putting out fires all day.

In the end, Maginn acknowledged the help and the support of Pirates of the Burning Sea players and encouraged them to continue assisting the developer in the fight against spam.

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