Free RPG Warrior Quest to arrive on PSP this March

Warrior Quest headed to PSP - Image 1Watch out, gamers! There’s a free RPG that’s headed to the PSP, and it’s called Warrior Quest. The game, which appears to have started out as a browser game, will be ready and optimized for play on the PSP sometime this March. More on this after the jump!

Warrior Quest - Image 1Here’s some good news for Sony PSP-owning RPG fans out there. has announced that it’s currently working on a streamlined edition of its free-to-play RPG known as Warrior Quest.

According to the website, the PSP version “will feature all of the same features as the normal build of the game but will be optimized to run under the PSP’s memory limitations.”

For those who’ve never heard of the game, it’s essentially an RPG where your character gets to fight against foes using swords, magic, and monster cards. The game allows you to use monster cards to summon creatures which can either help your character or harm your enemy.

The game is expected to come out for the PSP sometime this March. In the meantime, you can head on over to the source link to try out the browser version of the RPG. Enjoy!

Via NextGenBooks

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