FreeRadio v1.6 – support for user themes

A section of a user theme for FreeRadio version 1 point 6 - Image 1There seems to be an instinctive drive to personalize one’s server-less radio player portal and make it look distinct from everyone else’s. That’s probably why Sony handheld homebrew developer FreePlay has come up with FreeRadio v1.6.

Users of the homebrew application may now customize their PSP-turned-internet radio player with their own user themes. More on the technical details after the jump.

Download: FreeRadio v1.6
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FreeRadio v1.6 - Image 1  

If you’ve been enjoying your Sony PSP as an Internet radio player thanks to FreePlay‘s FreeRadio homebrew application, you may be interested to know that the developer has released an updated version, namely FreeRadio v1.6.

While FreeRadio v1.6 still offers the same features as the previous version of FreePlay’s server-less radio player portal (such as playback capability for shoutcasts, streaming MP3 and AAC formatted files, podcasts, and web browsing capability), the latest version of FreeRadio boasts some new stuff, according to the developer:

  • Fixed the Readme. This ain’t 2007 anymore
  • Added support for user themes, based on cascading stylesheets. To make a theme, create a file called ‘user_theme.css’ in the RadioPersonalize folder and edit it with any text editor. It’s a standard CSS stylesheet, so if you don’t know about CSS, it’s time to learn  
  • There are a few special pieces of the page which can be themed individually:
    • ‘bg’: The background image.
    • ‘meta’: The bar at the top of the screen that displays the current stream info.
    • ‘stopbutton’: The ‘stop playback’ button.

    To theme these pieces, make sure their name is preceded by a ‘#’ in the user_theme.css file; this is how CSS knows it’s a page element that has a specific ID. If you’re confused, check out the example user_theme.css file; it’s a copy of default the ‘bg’, ‘meta’, and ‘stopbutton’ theme settings.

In case you’ve been wondering, no, the user themes won’t show up in the browser and on a podcast page. FreePlay also mentioned that FreeRadio  cannot play ASX, as it is a Windows Media Player format that isn’t supported by the Sony radio player plugin.

Download: FreeRadio v1.6
Visit: QJ.Net’s PSP Development Forums

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