Fresh from the grapevine: Survival-horror game next for Bleszinski, Disney content packs for LBP?

fresh from the grapevine - Image 1More rumors are coming your way, guys. Quartermann of EGM has revealed more juicy tidbits from gaming la-la land. Cliff Bleszinski‘s in the spotlight this time with his alleged new game title. It ain’t gonna be for the fainthearted, and it ain’t gonna be an exclusive. So the rumor says. And then there’s more from the Sackpeople at LittleBigPlanet . Look who’s getting expansion of add-on packs in the future: one’s a-slithering, while another is from the land of ultimate fantasy.

Cliff Bleszinski - Image 1Another round of Quartermann tidbits have come out in the new issue of EGM, this time involving Cliff Bleszinski‘s new game in the works, plus expansion content packs for the well-loved and much-talked about LittleBigPlanet .

First in the order of things is Gears of War‘s creator’s new endeavor. As rumor would have it – or as Quartermann would have it – Bleszinski’s new title will be a survival-horror game. A few more supposed details come out as well, such as that it will be mixing in “the bloody visceral elements” of Gears of War (1, 2) with psychological terror. Oh, and this one just might be a multiplatformer. No idea on what the title is for this one, but it’s sure sounding yummy.

Next stop: LittleBigPlanet. Yeah, these little buggers just don’t stop giving. Word on the street is that there are more content add-on packs to be given out. Nothing fancy, though. Just, you know, the Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy packs.

Are you kidding? Of course that’s great! It’s also said that these packs will expand on the inclusion of  Solid Snake and Sephiroth. So if you’re enjoying them Solid Snake and Sephiroth sackboys now, wait till this expansion comes out.

There’s also the Disney content pack, which is buzzed to be out by 2009. This one could include a playable version of the Mickey Mouse Classic Steamboat Willie. Meh, I’d rather see THE mouse himself. But we’ll see. This one will surely be just as enjoyable anyway.

So that’s the lowdown for this week’s grapevine update. Just do note that as juicy as these are, they’re just rumors. For now. We’ll  be sure to keep you posted when any of the items mentioned here are finally confirmed, or if we pick up on any updates.

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