FTPii v0.0.11 – remote authentication administration, USB Ethernet fix

FTPii v0.0.11 - Image 1Now at version 0.0.11, FTPii’s stability has been improved to an extent, especially when it comes to initializing the server while USB devices are attached and also initialized. Homebrew developer joedj also threw in a sweet little addition to security as well. Details at the full story.

Download: FTPii v0.0.11

FTPii v0.0.11 - Image 1 

Developer joedj has piled a couple more bricks to the early build of FTPii, the FTP server project for the Nintendo Wii. According to the author, FTPii version 0.0.11 is an upgrade from the older versions in terms of code.

It’s a lot more stable now that FTPii was compiled using the latest tweak to the libfat library, and it should make the homebrew application run solidly when read-ahead caching.

Other critical updates include the USB initialization fix via recompilation to the latest version of the libogc library, which should keep FTPii from stalling each time you start the Wii FTP server with self-booting USB devices attached.

Also added to the mix is the intialization sequence for the network subsystem in FTPii, so that USB-attached Ethernet add-ons will be set up before the file allocation table is prepped. You might even notice a cosmetic change to the FTPii’s HBC description tab as well. More updates as we get them.

Download: FTPii v0.0.11

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