FTPii v0.0.6 – transfer files directly from PC to Wii SD Card

Wii homebrew - Wiibrew - FTPii - Image 1A new build is out for joedj‘s FTPii program. If you aren’t familiar with FTPii, it’s an FTP server for the Wii, allowing you to transfer files between your PC and your Wii without having to eject the SD Card from your console. Find out what’s new in the full article.

Download: FTPii v0.0.6

Wii homebrew - Wiibrew - FTPii - Image 1 

Here’s an update on a very useful Wiibrew: FTPii from developer joedj. Unless you missed its previous releases, FTPii is a web server for the Wii, its most practical use is giving your console the ability  to transfer files to and from your PC without having to eject your SD card.

Now on version 0.0.6, this build fixes on a number of bugs from previous versions. It also sports added compatibility with certain FTP clients. Don’t forget to browse through the readme before using the program. Here is the change log for FTPii version 0.0.6 and 0.0.5:

20080617 0.0.6

  • Incorporated SD-card and USB hot-swapping patch. (thanks srg!)

20080615 0.0.5

  • Added support for buggy FTP clients that use “LIST -aL” or similar, at the expense of breaking paths that begin with ‘-‘.
  • Compiled with corruption-fix and usb storage libfat patches. (thanks svpe!)
  • Uncommented FAT read-ahead support (oops)

Download: FTPii v0.0.6

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