funcLib v1.0.1

funcLib v1.0.1 - Image 1Sleepy and Flatmush have informed us that their funcLib development library is now at version 1.0.1 Details on the new changes are available in the full article.

Download: funcLib v1.0.1

funcLib v1.0.1 - Image 1Developers Sleepy and Flatmush dropped us a line earlier to announce the release of funcLib v1.0.1. As a recap for first-time readers, this homebrew is actually a PC-based function library.

Sleepy and Flatmush created this kit specifically to help their fellow
developers program homebrews faster and more efficiently for the PSP.

Developer Sleepy has ensured that the samples and betas included with this release have been fixed, meaning that you can now compile out of the box. New PSP developers in particular should find these changes most handy. The developers are also planning to add more features and bug fixes in funcLib’s future releases.

Full details on using this application are available in the file bundle’s readme. Stick around in case we receive any more updates regarding this devkit – you may also want to visit the developer’s site via the source link below.

Download: funcLib v1.0.1

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