Furikup v0.1.12 – bug fixes, network selection menu

Furikup PSP SIP Phone: PSP Homebrew Download - Image 1PSP Homebrew developer Chris Swindle has announced the latest release of Furikup, the app that allows you to use your unit as a phone using VoIP technology. Furikup v0.1.12 fixes some bugs from the previous version, and now also features a network selection menu. Check out the changelog in the full article.

Thanks to WaKaRu for the tip!

Download: Furikup v01.12

PSP Homebrew Application: Download Furikup PSP SIP Phone from Fanjita, Noobz - Image 1 

A new build is now available for Furikup! Furikup v0.1.12 was released by PSP Homebrew developer Chris Swindle, noting that the new version is “mainly just to add extra debugging and fixing a couple of bugs.”

Furikup is an application that allows you to use your PSP unit as a phone. Using a SIP-based VoIP provider, your PSP can make and receive calls from other PSP units, other VoIP units, or just your simple run of the mill phone.

Fanjita and Noobz originally released Furikup as an alternative to the PSP Skype features that are set to be released sometime in the near future (hopefully its postponed release in Japan really won’t affect its launch in other regions). Here’s the changelog for Furikup v0.1.12 from Chris Swindle:

  • Logging to file is now possible using logfile = in sipcfg.ini
  • Network selector now added
  • Fixed to strip off trailing spaces in username / password entries in sipcfg.ini
  • Fixed to allow quitting even when it does not login

Also an extra note from Chris Swindle: “There have been no changes made to the audio, that will come at a later stage, just wanted to try and remove some of the bugs in the code first.” Users are encouraged to go through the readme before using the application.

Thanks to WaKaRu for the tip!

Download: Furikup v01.12

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