Fury build 35256 now live – bugs killed, armor nerfed

Fury - Image 1More often than not, there’s no reason to be furious about Fury‘s imbalances and bugs since Auran Games is always working hard to tweak the MMORPG by applying one patch after another. Just recently, build 35256 came into effect and improved a lot of things. Check out the full article to see what went down.

Fury - Image 1 

Calling Auran Games’ MMORPG Fury‘s latest patch update a big one is not far from saying Russia is fairly large. The game’s build 35256 recently went online, and it came with a dizzying number of changes worthy of being tagged that long string of numbers.

We can’t even tell where to start, because almost every facet of Fury received a tweak after the update. Game balance went up a notch with major armor overhauls, team challenge can now host more players, and the interface has been buffed.

To give you a good idea of what to expect when you log into Fury with build 35256 intact, here’s the list of highlights:

  • All players will receive all abilities for free.
  • All armor procs have been disabled in all game types.
  • Combat Fatigue has been removed.
  • Armor health bonuses have been lowered.
  • New characters receive 9 new Starting Incarnations designed by FuryÂ’s top players.
  • Players now have the choice to re-queue immediately at the end of a match instead of returning to the Sanctuary.
  • Apparent loss of Skill Rating after a win should no longer occur.
  • Added Hide Helm Graphic option.
  • Added a new /Inspect feature (with options to block or accept /inspect commands).
  • Gold and UAA purchases have been disabled until the new Fury League business model has been implemented.
  • Weapons are now loaded on demand reducing memory usage and smoothing performance in busy sanctuaries.

Not massive enough? We kid you not when we say Fury‘s latest patch update is a monster, moreso than build 34864 was. Find the full patch notes at the official Fury website by clicking on the link below.

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