FuSa 1.0 beta build 017 – hotkeys added and bugs fixed

The Sony PSP handheld console - Image 1PSP homebrew developers know that even when they update their programs, bugs sometimes rear their ugly heads. That’s why OldPrisoneR went back and tweaked the previous version of FuSa 1.0 beta to come up with build 017. Find out how the homebrew developer has improved the application in the full article after the jump.

Download: FuSa 1.0 beta build 017

FuSa is brought to you by OldPrisoneR and Andy maN - Image 1In the previous version of FuSa 1.0 beta, OldPrisoneR added the option of playing Sony PSP games on your TV over composite cable. However, the homebrew developer noticed certain bugs that had popped up since then. Thus OldPrisoneR and Andy_maN went back and worked on the application to bring you FuSa 1.0 beta build 017.

This improved version of FuSa sports the following new features, according to OldPrisoneR:

  • fixed bug which didn’t allow to disable plugin
  • added hotkeys
  • a little step to GTA games compatibility
  • I’ve also put ANDY_ANSWERS_QUESTIONS.html into this archive.
  • I removed “fit to screen” feature in this build… but it’ll appear in next one 😉

Besides those, OldPrisoneR mentioned that progressive full screen support will be forthcoming. In the meantime, have fun with the most current build of FuSa 1.0 beta, but kindly  have a care when downloading and installing the application on your Sony PSP (especially if this is your first time to do so).

Thanks to JaX3RiR for the tip!

Download: FuSa 1.0 beta build 017

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