GameStop to stop selling 80 GB PS3 model?

80GB PS3 model officially dead? - Image 1We just got wind of the latest developments on the rumor about Sony‘s 80 GB PS3 model being phased out in the future. Apparently, there’s information that GameStop will no longer receive new shipment of the console. Details after the jump!

80GB PS3 model officially dead? - Image 1

Perhaps you guys are still wondering about the current rumor circulating about Sony‘s 80 GB PS3 model. Well, the latest rumor related to this is that GameStop will soon stop selling the said console, signaling the end for the 80 GB PS3 model.

An email was sent out by the company’s corporate offices telling their stores “shouldn’t expect any further shipments on the higher end, PS3 compatible SKU.” The current stock of the consoles found in their stores would be the only ones left to be sold.

If ever this does become a reality, the only PS3 soon left in the market would be the 40 GB system, which has two USB ports, no memory card readers and lacks the backward compatibility needed to run PS2 and PS1 games from the PSN.

If people want to have the backward compatibility feature, then they’d have to pay an extra US$100 as said by Peter Dille, SCEA‘s senior vice preside of marketing, in a recent interview with EGM.

So far, this is the latest rumor being spread about Sony’s 80 GB PS3 model. We’ll keep you posted on any developments regarding the matter.


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