Gametech’s Jewel Stone Sheets make your PSP prettier

PSP - Image 1Want your PSP Slim to look just a bit more dazzling than usual? Then GameTech certainly has that need of yours covered with its latest line of accessories for the PSP Slim, and this one is called the Jewel Stone Sheet. The next-gen has arrived, indeed. Find out more about how this revolutionary accessory can customize your handheld in the full article.

PSP - Image 1

If you’re looking to customize your Sony PlayStation Portable beyond that of pouches or cases, then GameTech may possibly have what you want, with its latest line of customization doodads for the PSP Slim. They come in the form of Jewel Stone Sheets, which when used can transform your plain-looking handheld into a bling’ed out accessory designed to reflect light and blind people. But it would still look awesome, right?

The secret is in the jewels. No, not the family jewels, but lots and lots of tiny little ones that stick to the surface of your Sony PSP, thus giving it the jewel-encrusted look of a treasured weapon or a coveted piece of pirate treasure. With six unique designs ranging from Panther to Graduation Blue, priced at an affordable US$ 25 each, you’ll be the talk of the town wherever you go.

Updates as we get them, and you can check out more info about GameTech’s Jewel Stone Sheets by clicking on the via link below.

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