Gaming fosters family relationships, according to study

Video Games  - Image 1Several studies accuse video games for the prevalence of violence among young people, but the NPD Group‘s latest study has uncovered something good in gaming of all forms: that it fosters family relations by playing together. Details in the full article.

Video Games - Image 1Contrary to recent studies on gaming and the supposed adverse effects on children, NPD has turned up with a report which concluded with a more positive note towards gaming of all forms: that both hardcore and casual gamers engage in playing video games with the family.

Entitled Expanding the Games Market, the study manages to disprove the myths attributed to the gaming market, particularly about their attitudes and behaviors.

The study discovered that playing games in all platforms is now being viewed by both hardcore and casual gamers alike as a good family and/or group activity, as well as stress relievers. The research reports that even if heavier gamers are more inclined to play games alone, they are also open to playing games along with the whole family.

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