GDC 08: Jobe Dylan on Warhawk’s upcoming content, single-player possibilities

GDC 08: Jobe Dylan talks Warhawk's upcoming content and single-player possibilities - Image 1Who says Warhawk‘s getting stuck as a multiplayer-only affair? Jobe Dylan of Incognito Entertainment over at the GDC hinted that they are still giving a single-player mode some serious thought.

However,it may not be in the form the players would expect. Details on his revelations are in the full article.

GDC 08: Jobe Dylan talks Warhawk's upcoming content and single-player possibilities 

Wondering what sort of ideas Incognito Entertainment may have in store for Warhawk in the near future? During a recent inquiry over at Game Developers Conference, Incognito’s Jobe Dylan revealed their plans for a new booster pack, game modes, and a single-player release.

Speaking on the matter of the new booster pack, dubbed Operation Broken Mirror, Dylan revealed that it would carry new vehicles and a new battlefield. The new vehicle, an APC, would work as a mobile spawn point and supply depot.

The new game modes under development will be separate from the booster packs, and will instead be part of the game’s future patch updates.  Moving on, Dylan also explained that they were still very much against the idea of giving Warhawk any sort of single-player expansions.

“If we look at doing single-player in the future [it would be] related to a new product,” added Dylan. The good news, Dylan also noted, is that Incognito is very much interested in taking the Warhawk franchise up beyond its current incarnation on Sony‘s console.

For the moment, the company’s simply waiting for opportunities to make this a possibility.

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