Get advance GC 2008 tickets through Leipzig GC 2008 Christmas campaign

GC Logo - Image 1If you’re short on ideas on what to give that gamer friend or relative, then you may want to consider this option: advance tickets to the Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig! It’s never too soon to grab your tickets for one of next year’s biggest gaming events, after all.

Check out the GC Christmas campaign freebies and other information in the full article!

Games Convention - Image 1 Still couldn’t think of what gift to get for a gamer friend or relative? Here’s a nice gift idea: the Leipzig Games Convention 2008 is now holding a Christmas campaign that will let gaming fans get advance GC 2008 tickets, packed with an original greeting card and an optional GC winter hat.

The advance GC 2008 tickets can be booked through the Christmas campaign promotion until December 17. What’s good about GC’s Christmas campaign is that there are no advance sales fees. Also, the GC tickets may not include a free plane tickets to Germany, but it does entitle the ticket holder to free travel to and from the Leipzig exhibition centre, where the event will be held.

The zones which are covered by free travel are 110, 151-156, 162-168, 210, 221-225 and 231-234, courtesy of Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund during the entire period of GC next year. The Leipzig Games Convention will start on August 20, 2008.

Interested in the GC Christmas campaign? Check out the Via link for more information and to order advance GC tickets!

Via GC Germany

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